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World’s Largest Grain Storage Scheme Underway in India

Amid global disruptions to supply chains and inflation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, food security is a priority for most countries around the world, including India.

Historically, India has lagged behind other countries in terms of stored grains and storage capacity. In response, the country is merging several schemes to develop the world’s largest grain storage plan.

Currently, the country has storage capacity in silos of less than 2 million tons, and cereal stocks held by the Food Corporation of India fell to a five-year low in 2022. Plans have been in the works for years, however, recent global scenarios have ramped up their implementation.

Under the merged schemes, the government of India will provide grant funding for the creation of storage capacity through traditional warehouses, silos, and cold storage facilities - however, these grants are expected to only amount to about 40 percent of the cost, and the scheme won’t be fully effective unless warehouses are compelled to register with the Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority, noted Siraj Hussain, former agriculture secretary for India.

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