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Viterra to Build the World’s Largest Canola Crushing Facility in Regina, Saskatchewan

Viterra and the government of Saskatchewan announced plans to build the largest canola crushing facility in the world in Regina, Saskatchewan - a location chosen for its consistent and expanding access to canola seed and its access to both CN and CP railways and the Regina bypass.

Currently in the feasibility study phase, the project is expected to begin construction in early 2022 with production to begin in 2024.

This facility, which will have a capacity of 2.5 million tons, will dwarf Viterra’s largest crushing facility in Eastern Canada today, which has a capacity of 1.1 million tons - and if viewed as its own market, would be larger than what Japan or Mexico buy from Canada in any given average year.

The project is projected to employ 1,000 people during construction and 100 full-time once operational. It also aligns with the Government of Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan outlining a goal to crush 75 percent of the canola produced in the province. The plan also aims to increase its value of exports by 50 percent and increase agricultural value-added revenue by $10 billion.

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