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Ukraine Considering Exporting Grain Via Rail

On March 9, Ukraine banned exports of grain and other food products to prevent a domestic crisis, however, the country’s Agricultural and Food Minister Roman Leshenko has made a statement outlining the government’s discussion about establishing grain export routes by train through its Western border.

Leshenko also went on to say that the country needs to open at least one port to enable exports of about 5 million tons of grain per month, noting that as much as 20-25 percent of Ukraine’s potential output has been lost due to the disruptions to spring sowing caused by the Russian invasion.

Ukraine’s state-owned railway operator has come out in support of a plan to export grain by train, saying it would not only save their business, but will prevent a global food crisis. The Ukrainian government is currently in discussions regarding the elimination of import duties by neighboring countries on Ukrainian grain, so it could be delivered via Moldova and Romania to Black Sea ports not affected by the war.

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