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  • Condensed by Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Unconventional Ag Media

Texas Crop Science, GDM Partner to Create New Soybean Varieties for Global Farmers

Texas Crop Science (TCS) and Illinois-based plant genetics company GDM have announced a strategic partnership to develop higher-yielding soybean varieties for farmers.

Soybeans are chosen as the focus for this endeavor as they are recognized as one of the main sources of plant-based protein for both human and animal nutrition, and in response to the increasingly difficult challenges being faced by growers.

TCS’s high-yielding technology has been in development for more than a decade, and has been proven to raise yields by up to 34 percent during intensive field trials carried out over seven years. Likewise, 40 percent of the world’s soybean production is made using GDM genetics, established through data science, biotechnology, and agricultural management for the continued genetic improvement of soybean crops.

The pair intend to incorporate TCS’s technology into GDM’s soybean genetics using gene editing and advanced plant breeding techniques to deliver higher-yields under a range of growing conditions, from ideal to stress-impacted.

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