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  • Condensed by Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Unconventional Ag Media

Syngenta, Sustainable Oils Agree to Sell Camelina Sativa Seed

Syngenta and Sustainable Oils, a subsidiary of Global Clean Energy Holdings, have forged a new agreement to sell Camelina sativa seed, an ultra-low carbon oilseed crop with the potential to be used as a feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), in the production of renewable fuels, and for sustainable animal feed.

Valued for its low water requirements, rapid maturity, and resilient yields, Camelina can be planted on fallow land or on idle land between crop cycles, acting as a cover crop and providing environmental benefits such as improving soil health and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

By offering farmers a new high-demand cash crop revenue channel, Syngenta stated that the partnership promotes a more diverse and resilient ag system and regenerative practices, while delivering direct economic benefits to growers.

The seed, which will be sold through Syngenta’s AgriPro® dealer network in a vertical marketing model, will be marketed in select areas of western Kansas and Colorado where it can be grown as a winter crop, and in Montana, and the Pacific Northwest, where it can be grown as a spring crop in a wheat-fallow rotation.

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