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Summit Acquires Prairie Horizon Agri Energy, Plans Retrofit to Wheat Protein Ingredient Production

Summit Agricultural Group announced its acquisition of biorefinery Prairie Horizon Agri Energy in Phillipsburg, Kansas.

Once the acquisition is complete, Summit plans to construct a state-of-the-art wheat protein ingredients facility at the site and retrofit the existing corn-based ethanol plant to produce ethanol from wheat starch. Wheat protein is widely used in the production of baked goods, pet foods, and in aquaculture feed, however, this demand currently relies heavily on imports. And considering consumer demand for transparency on the origins of their foods and ingredients, Summit sees a window of opportunity to fill.

With the completion of this $200 million project, Summit will be the largest wheat protein producer in North America, while also generating low-carbon-intensity renewable fuel.

Summit stated that it conducted an exhaustive search to find the most optimal site on which to execute this strategy around plant proteins - a move that Summit says will leverage the company’s legacy in biofuels and in ag.

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