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Star of the West Acquires Grain Handler Citizen LLC

Star of the West, one of the oldest and most successful independent agricultural businesses in Michigan, has acquired Citizens LLC, a Michigan-based grain handler, agronomy supplier, and global exporter.

Since being founded in 1987, Citizens’ business has grown and diversified, receiving and marketing corn, wheat, and soybeans, including non-GMO soybeans, and was recognized as Michigan’s Exporter of the Year in 2021 for its work globally marketing food-grade soybeans.

Meanwhile, from its humble beginnings 151 years ago as one flour mill, Star of the West has achieved success in many of the same channels as Citizens, including wheat handling, the supply of crop nutrients, non-GMO soybean marketing, and the deployment of agronomy services. Today, the business operates five mills in four states including Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and New York, and has expanded beyond flour milling to operate three agronomy locations, 10 elevators, and food-grade soybean processing facilities.

This deal will leverage shared areas of expertise between the two companies and will strengthen Star of the West’s capabilities in grain receiving and marketing, agronomy services, and food-grade soybean exports.

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