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Solinftec Ag Robot to be Commercially Available for Canadian Wheat Crops Next Season

Canadian agtech company Solinftec announced it is expanding the launch of its robotic ag platform, Solix Ag Robotics into Canada in partnership with Stone FArms at the University of Saskatchewan.

This new four-wheeled robot autonomously moves back and forth throughout a field using onboard cameras, sensors, and AI-based software to monitor the health of plants and assess their nutritional content, giving farmers and agronomists an unprecedented level of information. Programmed with a complex detection algorithm, this in-field device also has the ability to scan for insects and weeds while monitoring the entire ecosystem, providing real-time insights that can increase yields, improve the usage of inputs, lower environmental impact, and support the ability to meet food demand.

Solinftec is operating the robot on multiple farms, including Stone Farms, in order to adapt the technology to the specific needs of Canadian growers, and to improve the algorithm to identify weeds. The company is working with the University of Saskatchewan to validate field results, and the Solix Ag Robot is expected to be commercially available for wheat crops in time for next year’s growing season.

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