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Scoular Has Released Its First Annual Sustainability Report

With more than 1,000 employees in 100 offices and facilities across North America and Asia, Scoular is an employee-owned, $6 billion agribusiness specializing in the buying, storing, selling, and processing of grains and ingredients, and leveraging its global networks and expertise in international trade and transportation.

In December, Scoular announced its five-year sustainability strategy and its five sustainability pillars:

  • Reducing its carbon footprint

  • Fostering responsible sourcing

  • Community engagement

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion

  • Upholding workplace health and safety

Now, Scoular has released its first annual sustainability report outlining its 2025 goals and commitments, and highlighting the progress made from June 2020 to May 2021 on each of the aforementioned pillars, including its progress against reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the total marine products sourced from sustainable processors.

Many of the company’s goals are still being quantified, and the company acknowledges that solutions will evolve as the challenges being faced continue to materialize. Future reports will include new details on Scoular’s targets, its new initiatives, and detailed progress tracking.

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