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Richardson Planning New Elevator in Saskatchewan

Richardson Pioneer - a global handler and merchandiser of all major Canadian grains and oilseed - announced its plans to construct a new high-throughput grain elevator in Carmichael, Saskatchewan that it says is to “bridge our historical presence in the area with the realities of meeting our growing customers’ evolving business needs.”

Construction is to begin this month, and once completed in the fall of 2022 the site will include 46,000 tons of storage capacity and a loop track capable of loading 175 high cube rail cars. It will also feature a high-speed receiving and loading, and have a high-capacity grain-cleaning system.

Following the completion of the elevator the company will immediately begin construction of crop imports assets including a high-speed fertilizer blender and a 10,000-square-foot AWSA-certified warehouse - which will all be operational by the fall of 2023.

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