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  • By Michelle Pelletier Marshall, Unconventional Ag Media

RECAP: Don’t Tell Farmers How to Farm – Ask Them Instead

There are many new initiatives and innovations being touted as revolutionary for the ag sector, such as carbon sequestration, AI-controlled equipment, or alternatives to traditional pesticides. But oftentimes it’s heard from farmers that these technologies and new offerings are created without substantial input from those who work the land themselves.

Well, in case you missed it, Unconventional Ag highlighted that topic at its recent conference – November 29-30, 2022 in Minneapolis – with keynote speaker Jake Leguee, a third generation grain, oilseed, and specialty crop producer from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada. During his presentation “Don’t Tell Farmers How to Farm – Ask Them Instead”, Leguee addressed the frustration felt by farmers and why top-down government strategies are not as effective as producers collaborating and innovating to solve their own problems.

Leguee, who grows canola, durum, hard red spring wheat, lentils, peas, and flax over 14,500 acres, is set on building a strong and enduring business for the fourth generation (his three young sons) by enhancing soils, families, communities, and ultimately, the agriculture industry. His passion for agriculture and communicating with the industry led him to pen a blog, A Year in the Life of a Farmer, which has been well-received.

In this video interview, Leguee sits with reporter Chrissy Wozniak forNorth American Ag Spotlight, which highlights incredible people in the agriculture industry, for an in-depth discussion.

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