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Rabobank Releases The World Grains & Oilseed Map 2021

Rabobank has recently released The World Grains & Oilseed Map 2021 outlining global trade flows and industry developments over the last five years.

Over that period, Rabobank found that global trade volume of grains and oilseeds expanded by 120 million tons, reflecting a CAGR of 3.5 percent. Although positive, this growth falls behind the previous five-year period which saw a CAGR of 6 percent, or 160 million tons.

Drilling down, oilseed complex prices saw a decline, but increased grain prices and overall trade flow volumes resulted in a 17 percent increase in the total value of trade flows. This growth is expected to be driven in the long-term by income and population dynamics with trade destinations such as Africa becoming key grain and oilseed importers.

Likewise, demand from China also will be a main driver of growth, however, a shift in origins is likely to occur to Brazil and away from the U.S. and Argentina due to positive farm margins and availability of land. Furthermore, the Danube and Black Sea region will emerge in third place following Brazil and the U.S. Globally, government policies and sustainability are pushing for more organic production, as curbing climate change is evermore a priority.

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