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President Biden, Senators Reach Infrastructure Deal

President Biden has reached an infrastructure deal with Senators that will boost spending by about $72 billion per year on water infrastructure, bridges, roads, broadband expansion, and strengthening production of clean energy.

Biden originally proposed a $2.2 trillion infrastructure deal to be carried out over the span of eight years. But the final plan lists about $973 billion in spending over five years, and $1.2 trillion in total infrastructure spending over eight years, including new infrastructure funding of $579 billion.

This new spending would include:

  • $109 billion for roads, bridges, and major projects

  • $66 billion in freight and passenger rail projects

  • $49 billion in public transit

  • $25 billion for airports

More importantly for agriculture, the agreement sets $16 billion in additional funding for various waterway projects, including port upgrades. An additional $5 billion funding will be allocated for Western water storage expansion, as the region is again in the midst of serious drought.

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