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  • Condensed by Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Unconventional Ag Media

Plant-Based Muscle? This Whole-Cut Loin is Made of Wheat and Soy

A company called Juicy Marbles debuted its plant-based filet mignon last year, claiming to be the first to market with a whole-cut plant-based steak. Now, its latest launch is a whole-cut loin, entirely soy and wheat-based, that weighs 1.5 pounds and offers 26 grams of protein per serving.

Having already raised $4.5 million in Seed funding, the company uses a patent-pending technology referred to as a “reverse grinder” that allows the layering of plant fibers together, resulting in a meaty texture.

A constant challenge has been how to achieve a marbling effect. However, startups are feverishly developing cell-based, microbial, and plant-based fat alternatives that more closely mimic the taste, texture, and mouthfeel of conventional fats.

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