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Organic Soybean Processors of America File Petition Claiming OSM From India Being Sold Below Value

The Organic Soybean Processors of America - a trade group consisting of American Natural Processors, LLC, Lester Feed & Grain Co., Organic Production Services, LLC, Professional Proteins, Ltd., Sheppard Grain Enterprises LLC, Simmons Grain Company, Super Soy, LLC and Tr-State Crush, LLC. - have filed a petition with the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) and the International Trade Commission (ITC) claiming that organic soybean meal from India is being sold in the U.S. below fair market value.

The petition, which identifies 19 exporters and five U.S. importers of organic soybean meal from India, also alleges that India is unfairly subsidizing its producers and exporters of organic soybean meal to the U.S., and are requesting the implementation of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on these products, citing dumping margins of 154.12 percent and an unspecified total level of subsidies exceeding 2 percent.

If the DOC determines that India is indeed dumping organic soybean meal onto the U.S. market, or are being unfairly subsidized, and if the ITC determines that the domestic industry is materially injured by these actions, (the value of U.S. imports of organic soybean meal from India was $249.3 million in 2020), duties may be imposed.

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