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  • Condensed by Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Unconventional Ag Media

Oat and Pulse Miller Avena Foods Partners with HIPPEAS on Cutting-Edge Regenerative Ag Pilot

Speciality pulse and oat miller Avena Foods is partnering with HIPPEAS, a plant-based and non-GMO snack, on a cutting-edge regenerative agriculture pilot program that will include the development of a field crop “living lab” with Rosengren Farms, a grower of grains and pulses for Avena Foods.

With support from Saskatchewan's South East Research Farm, this sustainability project will explore and evaluate the intercropping practice for climate impacts through scientific modeling. And by sponsoring this science-based assessment, HIPPEAS intends to measure the impact of regenerative farming methods on soil health, biodiversity, and nutrient density.

Intercropping is based on the principle that different crops can be complementary when grown together due to their different nutrient requirements, growth patterns, and ecological niches. In theory, the practice reduces pest and disease pressures while increasing yields, biodiversity, and farm income.

Despite its benefits, intercropping is not widely adopted, as it requires careful planning, management, and monitoring to avoid competition, shading, and allelopathy between crops.

This pilot and “living lab” is being launched to demonstrate and create a blueprint for farmers and suppliers, giving them the ability to capitalize on and the benefits of the practice while reducing climate impacts.

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