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New Plant-Based Oil Will Hit the Market in 2023

Ponova, a new plant-based edible oil made from pongamia trees (sometimes called ‘vertical soy’ as they produce beans with high levels of protein and oil), will hit the commercial market in 2023, thanks to a partnership between California-based Terviva and food ingredient supplier Ciranda.

Terviva makes ingredients from low-input, high-yielding pongamia trees including Ponova - a mid-oleic oil made from the beans of the tree that has a golden color, slow melting curve, a high smoke point of 437 degrees Fahrenheit, and a mild buttery and nutty flavor.

Similar to canola or sunflower oils, Ponova is semi-solid when refrigerated, and can be used as a cooking oil or as an ingredient in prepared foods such as vegan mayonnaise, spreads, baked goods, or meat and dairy alternatives.

Other ingredients from the pongamia tree currently in development by Terviva are flour, made from the beans after the oil has been extracted, and protein as a standalone ingredient, which has garnered interest due to its neutral taste and high solubility, etc.

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