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New ESG Frameworks Launched for Alternative Proteins

FAIRR Initiative (FAIRR) and the Good Food Institute (GFI) have launched two new open source reporting frameworks to gauge the sustainability and ESG benchmarks for alternative proteins including plant-based, fermentation-created, or cultivated meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy. They are the Alternative Proteins ESG Reporting Framework for Specialized Companies (the “Specialized Framework”), and the Alternative Proteins ESG Reporting Framework for Diversified Companies (the “Diversified Framework”).

The new Specialized Framework is designed for manufacturers and ingredient suppliers whose core focus is alternative proteins, such as meat, dairy or whey protein, or gelatin, and the new Diversified Framework is designed for incumbent food companies, retailers, manufacturers, and animal protein producers with product portfolios that include both conventional and alternative proteins.

Research has indicated that many plant-based meat alternatives have an environmental impact that is a fifth to a tenth of the impact created by conventional counterparts. However, to-date there has not been a comprehensive standard for companies manufacturing or selling such products to assess or disclose this data to investors or consumers.

FAIRR and GFI have developed these new frameworks with input from a range of more than 50 investors, companies, and NGSs, including Unilever, Eat Just, Newton Investment Management, PIMCO, Blue Horizon, and the WWF-UK, along with ESG and life cycle assessment experts.

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