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Mexico’s Ban on GMO Corn to Include Animal Feed Imports

It recently became news that Mexico is banning GMO corn and the use of glyphosate, with the eventual goal of phasing out GMO corn imports. It has now been clarified that this ban will include animal feed imports, according to the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development.

When these plans were announced in December 2020 it was unclear if these restrictions would also apply to animal feed imports. However, on January 15 government officials met with the agricultural producers’ supply chain actors to determine if indeed animal feed would be involved in the plan, which is being developed as part of the country’s efforts to become self-sufficient in food production.

Under the initiative called Maíz para México, Mexico’s Ministry of Agriculture will work to increase domestic yellow corn output, as well as that of other grains, in states where there is potential. And as supply increases, supply chains will be redirected to meet the needs of the country’s livestock producers, thereby reducing imports.

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