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Mexico Bans Genetically Modified Corn, Glyphosate; Plans to Phase Out Imports

A government decree published on December 31, 2020 states Mexico’s decision to ban genetically modified corn and to phase out GMO corn imports and the use of glyphosate by January 2024.

Noting that the drive behind the decision is to “contribute to food security and sovereignty” and to “protect native corn, cornfields, bio-cultural wealth, farming communities, gastronomic heritages, and the health of Mexicans”, the country will stop granting permits for genetically modified corn seeds into the environment.

The move has been supported by the country’s organic producers, but has also been criticized by its wider agricultural industry that says that the ban will limit the options available to the country’s farmers and would threaten the security of the food chain since Mexico imports GMO corn from the U.S., which were valued at $2.7 billion in 2019, making Mexico the top export destination for the U.S. feed industry.

It remains unclear if the ban will extend to ban the importation of GMO corn to be used for livestock, or whether the ruling will only apply to corn for human consumption. More on This Story

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