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Grain Craft, Shepherd’s Grain Partner to Mill Sustainably-Grown Wheat into Flour Products

Shepherd’s Grain and Grain Craft announced they have partnered to mill sustainably-grown wheat into flour products under the Shepherd’s Grain brand. Founded in 2003 in the Pacific Northwest, Shepherd’s Grain is a grower-owned company with 13 flour mills across the U.S. Each of Shepherd’s Grain’s growers uses sustainable and regenerative agriculture methods in both the growing and harvesting of their wheat, including the strategic use of cover crops, crop rotations, and no-till, direct seeding.

Shepherd’s Grain’s new partner Grain Craft will join Shepherd’s Grain in their research and development in areas such as nutritional effects on the gut biome, regenerative agriculture, and carbon sequestration.

Grain Craft is currently expanding a preferred variety program throughout Kansas through which the company has identified certain wheat varieties with ideal baking qualities, and Shepherd’s Grain is also working closely with the Pacific Northwest Wheat Quality Council and industry experts to isolate specific varieties that have “high end use quality”.

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