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  • Condensed by Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Unconventional Ag Media

Consolidated Grain & Barge is Partnering with Indigo Ag to Quantify Benefits of Sustainable Grains

Consolidated Grain and Barge Company, a subsidiary of CGB Enterprises and top grain and transportation company, is partnering with Indigo Ag, an innovative leader in sustainable agriculture, to launch a program designed to quantify the environmental benefits of sustainably grown grain crops sourced by CGB.

Through its Market+ Source sustainable crop program, Indigo Ag will use proprietary measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) capabilities to help CGB quantify the emissions factor for the grain they purchase from farmers using more sustainable practices. These grains would then be purchased at a premium and sold to customers in the food, beverage, ingredients, and regenerative and sustainable fuel industries looking to decarbonize their supply chains.

Eric Slater, President and CEO of CGB Enterprises, Inc., noted that through this work with Indigo, the company will be able to connect value-added solutions to its upstream farmer producers while also meeting the evolving needs of the downstream consumer.

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