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Bushel Acquires Farmlogs to Create Integrated Experience And a “Grain Passport”

Ag software company Bushel announced it is acquiring FarmLogs in a deal that will result in the two companies coming together to provide an integrated farmer experience and a “grain passport”.

Bushel was founded four years ago to digitize grain companies’ businesses. Today, the company has 60,000 farmers actively using its platform, which the company says is tracking 40 percent of the grain originated in the U.S.

FarmLogs, which currently has 50,000 farmers using its management tools, was founded 10 years ago by Jesse Vollmar, who will be joining Bushel as vice president of farm strategy. And together, the combined software platforms are aiming for less manual data entry for all stakeholders.

The “grain passport” will enable farmers and grain companies to connect field-level data encompassing identity preservation, crop insurance, and sustainability, with grain as it moves through the supply chain - an ability that Bushels says will unlock greater efficiency and opportunities for profitability.

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