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Burcon Receives Investment to Develop Food-Grade Proteins From Sunflower Seeds

Burcon, a global tech leader and plant-based protein developer for the food and beverage industries, has received a co-investment from Proteins Industries Canada to develop high-quality protein food grade protein ingredients from sunflower seeds.

Sunflower is the third largest oilseed crop in the world behind soy and canola. It has significant potential to be a key source of plant-based protein as it is naturally non-GMO, has a favorable flavor profile, is low on the allergenic scale, is exceptionally label-friendly, and is already understood and widely accepted by consumers.

Under this $1 million project, Burcon will partner with Pristine Gourmet, a processor of 100 percent pure Canadian non-GMO cold pressed virgin oils, to further develop Burcon’s unique process for making sunflower protein ingredients. Leveraging Burcon’s core protein extraction and purification platform, the partners will fine-tune and scale an economically efficient extraction and isolation process from the pressed cake by-product of sunflower oil production - something normally used as animal feed.

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