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  • Condensed by Lynda Kiernan-Stone, Unconventional Ag Media

Bunge Launches Regenerative Ag Pilot With Brazilian Grain Farmers

As market demand grows for more sustainable products that meet greenhouse gas reduction goals, Bunge is launching a regenerative farming pilot program beginning with soybean, corn, and wheat farmers in Brazil’s Cerrado region.

Initially, 26 have been selected to participate in the program, which is expected to rapidly expand through the company’s supply chain of 12,000 growers in the country, however, no definitive targets have been set for the coming years.

In the first stage of the pilot, farmers will be evaluated on 30 points of criteria including soil analysis, adoption of crop rotation, use of chemical and biologicals, power consumption, and irrigation practices. Then, based on these results, Bunge will present an action plan tailored to each operation. Implementation will be monitored by specialists, with external audits to be conducted to evaluate progress over time.

Concurrently, Bunge is also creating an agfintech platform that will be a digital arm of its financial services and products in Brazil that will play a key role in funding producers as they adopt regenerative solutions on their farms.

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