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Bayer Acquires Majority Stake in Lower Carbon Oilseed Producer CoverCress

Bayer has increased its stake to a 65 percent majority holding in CoverCress Inc. (CCI), a winter oilseed producer. The remaining 35 percent of the company will remain under the joint control of Bunge and Chevron.

Historically, farmers have typically planted cover crops to protect and improve the soil. CoverCress, however, was developed using breeding and gene editing tools to be a new low-input rotational cash crop able to be harvested - offering the potential to decrease nitrogen loss, increase carbon in the soil, and improve soil health, while also providing farmers with another income stream.

CoverCress is a rotational cash crop that combines grain production with the environmental benefits of a cover crop without displacing other harvests. The oil extracted is designed to have a lower carbon intensity score, and is suitable for the production of renewable diesel through Bunge’s expertise in oilseed processing and Chevron’s expertise in fuel manufacturing - representing a farm-to-fuel supply chain that also improves the soil by being a cover crop.

By leveraging the combined backing and knowledge of different leaders in soybean crushing, fuels, crop sciences, and logistics, CCI will be fully able to deliver on its full potential through a supply chain that unilaterally understands its crop’s production, growth, processing, and delivery needs, from seed to end consumer.

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Picture from: Bff, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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