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All Top U.S. Corn Growing States Under Intensifying Drought Conditions

Many of the top U.S. corn growing states are under intensifying drought conditions, according to the latest drought monitor released April 29.

Extreme D3 drought conditions in North Dakota have expanded, while Texas and Colorado are also facing widespread lack of moisture. Unusually dry conditions are spreading further south in Iowa with 10 additional counties in northeast Iowa reporting conditions now categorized as moderate drought, while a full 75 percent of the state is experiencing abnormally dry conditions.

Western Illinois is likewise stressed with 7 percent of the state under moderate drought and 53 percent of the state experiencing unusually dry conditions. Conditions in Nebraska remain unchanged since the prior drought monitor was released, with 62 percent of the state being exceptionally dry, however, conditions in Indiana significantly intensified, with 84 percent of the state now abnormally dry.

Tennessee is the only state reported in the latest drought monitor to not be experiencing drought conditions. Click through to read more about ongoing conditions in Minnesota, Kansas, South Dakota, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

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