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After 10 Years, DSM Launches Complete, Functional Protein from Canola Seed

After 10 years in R&D, DSM has successfully produced a high-quality, functional protein isolate from canola seeds.

Called Vertis™ CanolaPRO®, the ingredient is not only a source of protein with all nine essential amino acids, but improves the texture of meat and seafood alternatives, and the mouthfeel of dairy alternatives.

Since it is made from canola meal, a co-product of canola oil production, no additional farmland is needed for this new protein, and since the production process requires minimal water and no solvents, Vertis CanolaPRO is a highly sustainable ingredient.

Production of this canola protein will be carried out through a joint venture created last year with vegetable oil and protein processor Avril Group. The product will be the newest addition to DSMs Vertis portfolio which includes fava, pea, and canola protein isolates and textured vegetable proteins (TVPs).

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