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ADM Partners with 8 Rivers Capital on Groundbreaking Carbon Sequestration and Power Project

ADM has partnered with 8 Rivers Capital on the development of the Broadwing Clean Energy Complex - one of the world’s first zero emissions Allam-Fetvedt cycle power plants - which is to be built adjacent to ADM’s processing complex in Decatur, Illinois. Once completed, the facility will generate 280 MW of clean power while decarbonizing the industrial, transport, and electricity sectors by safely storing captured carbon one and half miles underground via ADM’s proven carbon capture and storage system.

The Allan-Fetvedt Cycle brings game-changing technology to fight against climate change by combusting gas with oxygen instead of air and using critical carbon dioxide as a working fluid to drive a turbine instead of steam. This process eliminates all air emissions including pollutants and CO2, and produces pipeline-quality CO2 to be sequestered - all at a comparable operating cost and efficiency to transitional gas power plants.

Last year, ADM launched its Strive 35 program to shift the company’s environmental footprint, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and views this project as a major leap toward achieving its goals.

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