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ADM, Gevo Partner to Produce Low-Carbon Footprint Fuels

ADM and Gevo, a producer of energy-dense liquid hydrocarbons and renewable chemicals with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, have signed a memorandum of understanding to partner on the production of sustainable aviation fuel and other low-carbon hydrocarbon fuels.

Under the terms of the agreement, ethanol and isobutanol will be processed into renewable low-carbon hydrocarbons, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), using Gevo’s technology and capabilities. Approximately 900 million gallons of ethanol (more than half of ADM’s total production capacity) produced at ADM’s dry mills in Columbus, Nebraska, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Decatur, Illinois will be sourced to the partnership.

This ethanol to be used by the partners will be processed at a proposed new facility in Decatur that would use ADM’s carbon capture and sequestration capabilities. And both companies will work together on commercialization plans and definitive agreements enabling SAF to be produced beginning in 2025/26.

Demand for SAF is expected to climb as airlines, airports, shippers, and the U.S. government have all agreed to advance cleaner sustainable fuels. Toward this end, the U.S. and the EU have set goals that together would support nearly 4 billion gallons of annual SAF production by 2030, and more than 45 billion by 2050.

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