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3Bar Biologics, Bioceres Subsidiary Rizobacter Collaborate on Biostimulants for Soybeans

3Bar Biologics and Bioceres subsidiary Rizobacter are collaborating to test LiveMicrobe, a fermentation technology, on 3Bar’s Bio-Yield, a biostimulant that improves phosphorus uptake in crops.

Rizobacter is currently testing Bio-Yield on soybeans in both lab and field trials in four locations across Argentina throughout the 2021-2022 season. The ultimate hope is to gain deeper knowledge of microbial delivery systems and to bring new microbials to a standard for proper on-package survival.

LiveMicrobe’s just-in-time fermentation guarantees the freshest and most abundant microbes, which will translate into a high return on investment for growers and farmers. Once a final formulation is determined, 3Bar will then be able to cost effectively produce a partner’s product in its two-chamber package for sale on the market.

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