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Port of Brownsville Gains $14.5M Grant, Eyes Status As Major Ag Exporter

The Port of Brownsville, Texas, has been granted $14.5 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation for the express use to improve safety and efficiency in its grain loading and storage facilities.

Sourced from the DOT Maritime Administration Port Infrastructure Development Program, the grant will support the development, upgrade, and expansion of the port’s 3 million-bushel elevator, as well as a project including improvements to the fixed landside, rail, roads, and other development activities that will result in new options for grain producers from the Rio Grande Valley to other parts of Texas, and across the U.S.

Already a major exporter of steel, aluminum, and wind energy products, Brownsville is now looking to use this funding to raise its status as an ag exporter after a 13-year pause in grain exporting.

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