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Despite the Pandemic, Pipeline Foods Sees Growth in Organic Markets

After only three years in business, Pipeline Foods now counts itself among the top five organic and non-GMO grain handling companies, with gross revenue approaching $300 million.

With 11 facilities across North and South America, the company that is dedicated to developing a non-GMO and organic food system is seeing growth that appears to be resistant to both recession and the pandemic.

Neil Juhnke, senior vice president of physical operations for the company, noted that during the recession years of 2007-2009 there was no significant loss in demand for organics, and indeed, there’s been an uptick in demand during the beginning months of the current pandemic.

Today, the company is buying from 1,100 farmers in Canada and another 1,800 in 18 U.S. states - mostly the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Iowa. Its main crops are corn, soybeans, yellow peas, wheat, barley, oats, dry beans, and pulses. About 80 percent of the farmers it buys from are long-established organic producers, however, the company stated that it is always looking to contract new suppliers, and has created a number of initiatives to assist their entry into organic and non-GMO production.

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