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ADM Announces Launch of New Wheat and Pea Protein Ingredients

ADM has announced the launch of new wheat and pea protein ingredients as the company continues to strengthen its presence in the plant-based food space.

One textured wheat protein, one non-textured wheat protein, and a textured pea protein have been developed by ADM that will provide highly-functional solutions creating a meat-like texture desired by consumers.

ADM understands and noted the importance of fine-tuning the taste and texture of plant-based alternatives for commercial success, and so, is the only company with a full portfolio of textured, soy, wheat, and pea proteins that can drive the development of limitless new plant-based products. Through its OutsideVoice℠ Protein Segmentation Study, ADM discovered that the top consumer frustrations with plant-based foods are unsatisfactory taste and texture, while the top motivators are health and nutrition. Since inventing textured vegetable protein in 1965, and with its protein ingredients, ADM is positioning itself to be the means to overcome these frustrations by creating foods that offer better texture, taste, and color.

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