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This Partnership is Developing Mobile Tech to Measure Quality of Grain

Unilis Agtech, a joint venture created earlier this year between Unigrains and Arvalis to provide support to emerging agtech startups, has signed a financial and technical agreement with Inarix - the developer of PocketLab, a mobile application that allows your smartphone to be a quality measuring tool for grains.

Founded in 2018 by Pierre Chapelle, PocketLab transforms a smartphone into a mobile laboratory capable of rapidly analysing the quality of crops through a simple photograph.

This year the company has been marketing its first module used to determine the varietal purity of a bath of malted barley - which has been used to analyze approximately 10 percent of France’s barley production from several agricultural cooperatives. Currently, other modules are under development including multi-species varietal characterization, evaluation of protein content, identification of mycotoxins, measurement of impurities, seed analysis, among others.

This support from Unilis will enhance Inarix’ algorithms with Arvalis’ grain sample library. Unilis will also mobilize its partners and those of Unigrains and Arvalis to support Inarix in the development of its projects.

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