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BASF, PowerPollen Collaborate to Advance Hybrid Wheat Development

BASF is currently working to develop new hybrid wheat varieties that would deliver higher yields, better quality, improved nutrition, and the ability to meet the needs of farmers and the value chain.

Using hybridization and advanced breeding platforms, new hybrid wheat strains can give growers seeds with value-added traits that can be customized to specific geographies and growing conditions.

Now, BASF has partnered with PowerPollen to integrate PowerPollen’s patented pollen preservation and application technology (which has already been proven in corn applications) into BASF’s proprietary wheat program to improve cross pollination and increase the efficiency of BASF’s hybrid wheat seed production.

The application of PowerPollen’s technology can help BASF toward its long-held goal of commercial scale hybrid wheat - something that has been the goal of breeders and seed companies since the 1950s.

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