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Smithfield Foods Partners with Granular Insights to Give Grain Growers in its Supply Chain a Digital

Smithfield Foods has partnered with farm management software platform Granular Insights to assist the grain growers in its supply chain in gaining a digital edge in improving sustainability and efficiency while increasing yields. Granular’s Directed Scouting platform uses high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery to monitor fields, allowing farmers to mitigate active pests and resolve yield-diminishing issues before they reach critical mass.

More than 13 billion pounds of feed is consumed each year by the animals in Smithfield’s supply chain, making maximizing efficiency in grain production a critical pulse point to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2025. Smithfield has already been working with its grain farmers for a number of years, providing advice and information on improved fertilizer usage and crop production, but with Granular’s platform, Smithfield can connect its recommendations with technology-driven solutions.

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