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  • By Julie Deering, HighQuest Group

FeedReview Offers Global Insight on Feed and Meat Market

Markets and supply chains are being strained. While some remain strong, others are on the brink of breaking. Needless to say, leaders who work in the feed and meat sectors feel this pressure.

Decisions must be made, employees informed and partners communicated with. Those in agriculture know that we don’t operate in a vacuum. Our markets depend on global trade and are influenced by numerous factors around the world — some are easy to spot and others not so transparent.

What many leaders might not know is there is a monthly report, called the FeedReview and put out by AgriInvest, that gives readers a thorough understanding of the issues facing each continent and the companies working in that space.

“If you need to make global or regional decisions in the world of feed and meat, this report is for you,” said Emma Cowan, author of the report. “It’s like a cheat sheet for decision-making.”

What’s more is the Oilseed & Grain News readers can now take advantage of a 5 percent discount to subscribe. Readers can opt in for a monthly or yearly subscription. Learn more

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