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Indigo Ag Expands Support to Grain Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic

Indigo Agriculture is expanding its support for grain farmers, buyers, and carriers to help manage their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a transportation logistics hotline and expanded pricing tools.

In addition, the company has also launched GrainWaves, a podcast co-hosted by Indigo’s Gabe Sheets-Poling, head of Global Markets and Pricing, and Rodney Connor, senior director of Markets and Intelligence, offering real-time, expert analysis of grain markets, as the first in a series of free resources highlighting subject matter experts from within and outside the organization. The hosts will answer questions touching upon current events, market volatility, selling strategies, and more. The grain transportation logistics hotline, which will be available to grain carriers at no cost, will offer on-demand personal support, including matching carriers with substitute drivers or alternative vehicles in the case of loss due to illness, identifying route-optimized backhauls, and providing up-to-date social distancing guidelines in delivery facilities to execute a contact-free delivery.

Indigo is also supporting grain growers through online seminars to connect growers with digital tools, digital collaboration, and with its agronomic team.

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