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Kansas Grain Producer is Bidding $10M to Acquire Railroad Line to Establish Direct Route to West Coa

Colorado Pacific Railroad, which is owned by Stefan Soloviev, the owner of Crossroads Agriculture and one of the top landowners in the U.S., is bidding $10 million to acquire 170 miles of its Tennessee Pass Line through the Vail Valley to Dotsero, Colorado. Crossroads Agriculture already owns the 122-mile Tower rail line that runs from the Kansas-Colorado border to Pueblo - and connecting the Tennessee Pass line would give Crossroads, and other Midwest grain farmers, an alternate to Gulf Coast ports, and a more direct route to the West Coast and ultimately foreign markets.

This shorter route to the West Coast also will allow grain farmers in eastern Colorado and western Kansas to fetch better prices due to shorter transportation. When Union Pacific took over the Tennessee Pass line, it had been out of service since the mid-1990s, and the only recent rail traffic on the line has been a train that runs to the American Gypsum wallboard plant in Gypsum, Colorado.

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