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Superior Ag Expands Footprint with Central Kentucky Grain Partnership

Superior Ag announced it has forged a co-partnership agreement with Central Kentucky Grain (CKG), a grain storage facility in Lebanon, Kentucky.

This deal will expand Superior Ag’s footprint in a key grain consumption area, said the company, and will strengthen its grain merchandising capabilities. CKG offers unique storage and handling of corn, which is mainly used by the region’s bourbon industry; soybeans, which are sold as processed into soybean meal to feed Kentucky’s livestock; and wheat. The distilleries in Kentucky account for 95 percent of the global supply of bourbon, filling one million barrels since 1973, with each barrel using 15 bushels of corn to produce.

Central Kentucky Grain is currently undertaking an expansion project that will raise its storage capacity of 320,000 bushels by an additional 160,000 bushels, which will be complete by the end of this year. Then, in the spring of 2020, three additional 5,000-bushel overhead shipping bins will be added to the storage facility.

With this expansion and partnership, Superior Ag will have more than 7 million bushels of grain storage capacity across eight grain elevator locations.

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