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BASF to Release First New Wheat Varieties in 2021

Eleven years after the wheat breeding program at the Longerenong Breeding Center in Victoria, Australia, was launched, new varieties are set to be released into the market.

Originally established by Bayer in 2010, the Longerenong center was sold to BASF when Bayer acquired Monsanto as part of the deal’s divestment requirements. Now, BASF has announced it will be releasing its first four new commercial wheat varieties, all suited for production in Victoria and New South Wales, in 2021.

The company has partnered with seed distributor Seednet to retail the varieties, which are all higher milling quality spring wheats, and are the result of nine years of development at BASF’s Wheat and Oilseed Breeding Center.

In addition, BASF is planning to launch Invigor 4022, a new TruFlex variety of canola featuring BASF’s PodGuard technology - a next generation genetic modification technology that reduces pod shatter - next year.

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