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Ardent Mills Undertaking Sustainability Initiatives

As sustainability quickly becomes a foremost concern in the grain industry, Ardent Mills is stepping up its efforts. The company has partnered with Kellogg Co. to support farmers in Utah, Idaho, and California; has partnered with Unilever on farm-level sustainability programs in eastern Colorado; and is working with the agtech firm Agrible on a pilot project for spring wheat farmers in the Snake Valley of Idaho. The company has also implemented new recycling standards that have diverted 1,3000 cubic yards of waste away from landfills and saved 6,700 trees. Meanwhile, electrical upgrades at its Newton, Kansas mill reduced energy waste by 10.19 percent, and beginning next year, the mill will source 90 percent of its energy from the Soldier Creek Wind Energy Center, for a total annual carbon footprint reduction of 7,000 tons.

Furthermore, through The Annex by Ardent Mills has partnered with Colorado farmers to grow quinoa to increase biodiversity and to promote water conservation, as it requires 12.5 inches of water per acre per season compared to 21.6 inches for barley, and 40.8 inches for alfalfa.

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