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China Expands Ban on Canadian Canola, Now Blocking Shipments from Viterra

Tensions are not only ongoing between China and the U.S., but between China and Canada too. Since the CIO of Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies was arrested in Vancouver last year based on an extradition request from the U.S., trade relations between China and Canada have deteriorated. Earlier in March, China stopped accepting canola shipments from Richardson International, a top Canadian trader. Only weeks later, the country’s ban has expanded as China’s General Administration of Customs announced on its website that canola shipments from Viterra Inc. are now also banned. As was the case with Richardson, China has cited pest contamination as the reason behind the ban.

Although China’s ban has not touched upon canola oil or meal, an industry group has stated that Chinese buyers have halted all orders for the oilseed. As China accounts for about 40 percent of China’s imports of canola seed, oil, and meal, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said the government is working to find a resolution, and may send a delegation to China for talks.

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