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The World’s Largest Flour Mill Gets Even Larger

The milling complex owned by P.T. Bogasari Flour Mills in Jakarta, Indonesia, ranks as the largest flour mill in the world, in terms of both size and capacity. Recent consumption shifts in Indonesia driving up the consumption of flour-based food products and the demand for flour have prompted Bogasari’s management to approve further expansion of the facility.

Of its 15 milling lines, the company has expanded capacity for its “I” and “J” lines from 800 tons per day to 1,200 tons per day, and is in the process of expanding capacity of its “H” line from 800 tons per day to 1,200 tons per day by the third quarter of this year. Once these projects are completed, the mill will have a total daily production capacity of 11,650 tons, and a yearly capacity exceeding 4 million tons.

Changing macro economic conditions in Indonesia have seen middle class and upper middle class consumers’ diets shift toward more Western tastes, replacing rice with breads and noodles. Expectations are the the country’s current wheat consumption of 8.5 million tons per year will climb to 11 million tons per year by 2020.

The company also owns a mill in Surabaya with eight lines milling 6,150 tons per day; a mill in Tangerang milling 200 tons per day; and is building another new mill in Cibitung with a total capacity of 2,600 tons per day.

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