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Syngenta is Scaling Back Hybrid Wheat Development in North America

After almost a decade of work and millions of dollars invested, Syngenta announced it will be scaling back its development of hybrid wheat in the U.S. and pausing its work on wheat hybrid development in Canada.

Originally, the company targeted a commercial launch of its new hybrid spring wheat in 2021, and a commercial launch for its winter varieties to follow. However, Syngenta has determined that under current market conditions, new hybrid wheat would not provide farmers the value it might have in the past.

The company’s work with wheat hybrids is most advanced in Europe, and it plans to use what has been learned in that market as it continues with its work on improving the genetic base for early-stage hybrid wheat in the U.S. At this point, there is no set date in place for when new hybrid wheat varieties developed by the company will be available to North American farmers.

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