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Louis Dreyfus CEO, CFO Step Down

Louis Dreyfus has seen a recent shake up to its leadership team, announcing the decision by both the company’s CEO and CFO to leave their positions.

Gonzalo Ramirez Martiarena has stepped down from his position as CEO, after three years of leading the agribusiness giant, stating that he was doing so in order to pursue other opportunities.

Martiarena has been immediately replaced by Ian McIntosh, who has been with Louis Dreyfus since 1986, and shifted over from his position as chief strategy officer.

Secondly, CFO Armand Lumens also has stepped down from his role after less than two years stating his decision was for personal reasons. Moving forward, Frederico Cerisoli, previously deputy chief financial officer for the company, will assume the position.

A spokeswoman for Louis Dreyfus has stated that both developments are “unrelated and coincidental”.

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