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Sorghum and Sunflower Joint Venture Launched in South Africa

California-based S&W Seed Co. is partnering with Canada-based AGT Foods and Ingredients’ subsidiary AGT Foods Africa to launch SeedVision SA - a joint venture in South Africa that will provide expertise in the breeding, production, and processing of sorghum, sunflowers, alfalfa, and stevia.

S&W’s portfolio includes hybrid sorghum germplasms that provide high yields; tolerance to extreme weather including drought, insect, and disease resistance; high grain quality; and superior harvestability. The company’s forage sorghum present superior stem quality, standability, high sugar levels, high dry matter production, and low prussic acid levels. Meanwhile, S&W also offers elite disease-resistant sunflower seed hybrids that are herbicide-resistant and offer specific oleic and linoleic profiles.

Under its business plan, SeedVision plans to leverage AGT Foods Africa’s production and processing facilities to produce S&W’s hybrid sunflower, grain sorghum, and forage sorghum to market across Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Through the joint venture, AGT Foods Africa will contribute its production resources in South Africa, Zambia, and Tanzania, and its seed cleaning and warehouse facilities in Krugersdorp, South Africa.

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