• Condensed by Lynda Kiernan-Stone

Louis Dreyfus Opens New Oilseed Processing Plant in China

Louis Dreyfus has opened a new oilseed processing facility in Tianjin, China, to help the company meet growing demand in the country.

The plant has the capacity to crush 4,000 tons of soybeans per day, and has the ability to refine 1,200 tons, lifting the company’s ability to provide soybean meal, crude soybean oil, and refined edible vegetable oil. Additionally, its bottling, filling, packaging, and storage facilities will enable Louis Dreyfus to extend its business further downstream through the production of small-packaged edible oil by the end of this year.

After 40 years presence in China, Louis Dreyfus said that it will continue to seek out partnerships and investments in Tianjin as well as across the country as part of its long-term strategic plan to leverage growth opportunities in the market.

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