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Union Pushing for the Reinstatement of the Canadian Wheat Board

The Union of Canadian Transportation Employees (UCTE), which represents the interests of the port workers at Transport Canada and the Marine Take Farm in Churchill, Manitoba, added its voice to those calling for the government to reinstate the Canadian Wheat Board, which was acquired by G3, led by the Saudi Grains Organization (SACO) in 2015.

Earlier this year the Canadian Wheat Board Alliance (CWBA), a coalition of producers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, also called on the Canadian government to buy back the Canadian Wheat Board and its single desk for wheat and barley purchases, calling the privatization and sale of the CWB to G3 a “mistake”.

The UTCE agrees, stating that the system under the CWB was faster and more efficient, and plans to write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ask for “immediate action” in light of Saudi Arabia’s latest action to cease buying Canadian wheat and barley.

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